You understand that by playing on this server you agree to all of the below rules and any punishments made due to breaking of them.
You can be hostile to enemies/rivals but do not break the 4th wall and make personal threats outside of RP (Age,Name,Location etc.).
Or else you will be IP banned from current/future NWA servers.
If you want to play music, become a Radio Host!
There are some exceptions. Like "Raid/Raid assist/Party Raid" the reason this bind is allowed is cause no matter what you are going to be raiding base. Some of the allowed binds, are below. Allowed Multi Binds: "Raid/Raid Assits/Party Raid"
If you don't want to be here, leave. Don't sully the reputation of the community you are advertising.
Also including any player interactions including pickpocketing, mugging etc.
Unless you are in a party of 5+, you cannot own "regions" or "neighborhoods" of the map.
If you have printers or guns then you can be raided, no exceptions. Don't place printers or buy guns unless you are finished building.
Don't use zombies as an excuse for destroying other people's stuff, you've been warned.
Doing so could result in an admin deleting you're whole entire base and letting the raider steal all valuables inside you're base.
If someone is breaking NLR do not kill them, report them to a staff member. As stated before if someone is breaking rules, it does not give you the rights to retaliate by doing the same thing.
Other servers may allow this but we do not.
If they are near a zombie don't risk blowing them up in the process

1.   Cannot be unrealistic or excessively large.
2.   Cannot have fake or useless keypads.
3.   Cannot put keypads far away from the door they open.
4.   Your base can't be impossible to raid. It must give ample of room to move, and must be able to be raided by 1 person
5.   KOS lines are not allowed, only KOS signs.
6.   Cannot seal off public areas and claim them as yours. Even if your group owns all the buildings in the neighborhood.
7.   Cannot claim to own the sidewalk in front of your property.
8.   Cannot have a fade time on fading doors less than 4 seconds.
9.   Cannot have invisible props or entities. Every part of your base must be visible.
10. Cannot post "No loitering" signs.
11. You can block off as many entrances as you want as long as there is at least one available entrance to your base.
12. You can block off your property while you are building. Put a "Building" sign in order to avoid all RP(Roleplay) situation and remove the sign once finished.
13. You may only build on top of a building if you own the building as a whole.
14. You must have one keypad or button on each side of a fading door. This rule does not include windows.
15. You cannot have raidables while you have a building sign up.
16. No crouching entrances.
17. You may not have more than 2 fading doors per entrance.
18. You may only have up to 4 fading doors in a base.
19. Any base that is un-raidable by the Police using a Battering Ram during a warrant is subject to deletion by an admin.
20. You may not kos people for loitering, or for being “annoying”. If someone is harassing you, you should get an admin anyways.
21. One way props are allowed (ie. Seeing the enemy while that can't see you)
22. Disorienting bases are strictly not allowed if caught with one your base is subject to deletion by an admin(ie. Black out bases or rooms).

1.   All jobs are allowed to raid including New World Order.
2   Do not raid someone more than twice in an hour. The time between raids is 15 minutes on the same person or base. (Ex: 2 raids per hour 15 minutes apart on the same person or base.)
3.   Do not raid a Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer (Any Dealer of sorts) etc right after you buy something from them.
4.   Do not use a camera that is no collided to see inside another person's base.
5.   You may never return to the same raid after being killed in or near it. This violates NLR.
6.   Zombies aren't an excuse to use weapons and explosives
7.   You cannot block or knockdown cameras in order to "blind" defenders.
8.   You must type "/advert [action]" Before performing a raid/mug/carjack/kidnap, and type "/advert [action] over" as it ends.
9.   Do not raid a base that has a Building sign up.
10. In order to raid with a party, you MUST be in a "!party".
11. Hitmans and Bounty Hunters may not raid/counter people who they do not have a hit/bounty on.
12. Drugs/Potions are allowed during raids.
13. You can raid Wanderers
Ex. FailRP rules are up to the administrator's interpretation on a "per case" basis. Admins have the final say. FailRP is defined as taking action or forcing actions upon others that don't make sense with Roleplay purposes. This includes actions like respawning your car if it's stolen or killing yourself during a mug to get out of paying.Play within the guidelines of the game, and do not make your own rules.
Ex. Examples of breaking FailRP/FearRP:- Disconnecting the server when being mugged or raided.- Thieves working with New World Order.- Bounty Hunters basing inside of the New World Order Building- RDMing someone who is breaking the rules.

1.   You must wait 15 minutes between raiding the same base in a hour(But you are allowed to raid 2 different bases back to back).
2.   You must wait 10 minutes between kidnapping attempts.
3.   You must wait 3 minutes before returning to an area that you previously died at(Other wise know at NLR or "New Life Rule").
4.   You must wait 5 minutes between mugging attempts.

  • Cultist (Kidnapper)    See Below

    1.   You must be directly behind a player when performing a kidnap.
    2.   Cultist can hold a person for ransom or no reason at all.
    3.   Only Cultist can kidnap.
    4.   You may only keep a kidnappy held for a maximum of 15 minutes.
    5.   If the kidnappy ransom is paid you must let them out(If not you are scamming).
    6.   ANYONE who is kidnapped can do anything in their power to escape including murder.
    7.   You may not add to your kidnapping advert. Doing so is FailRP(ie. Saying there legs are bound while there not).

  • New World Order (basically NCR from Fallout) Rules    See Below

    1.   During a New World Order raid, the NWO have a 3 minute NLR time, however if the raiders dies they obviously may not return to the raid.
    2.   You may not build inside of the NWO station while being raided (the NWO may only build before and after raids).
    3.   New World Order can spawn/use money printers only inside of the NWO PD.
    4.   New World Order cannot work alone and must maintain the mines as well as keep slaves safe from zombies and other people.
    5.   Even though you protect Mining Slaves, you can take their ore rewards/force them to give you a cut.

  • DJ Rule's    See Below

    1.   You're not allowed to play "mic spam" type music.
    2.   You're not allowed to play inappropriate music or music with the hard R.

  • Always KOSable Jobs    See Below

    You may always KOS these jobs, no matter what.
    1.   Cultist(KOS)

1.   Before you punish a player, try to figure out if they are new to Gmod/DarkRP.
2.   For Example: Try to show them how to mine or where the weapon NPC/Quests are in spawn.
3.   If you have tried to show them and they are unresponsive/unwilling to cooperate let them go and wait until they have broken a rule to follow up.
4.   For jobs that involve PvP like Bounty Hunter, try to avoid 'bullying' normal players by killing them multiple times in a short span, they will leave the server if they know an admin is targeting them.
5.   Avoid PvP IF YOU CAN, I understand not everyone has fun doing passive roleplay but becoming jobs that serve other players like Gun Dealer or Bodyguard will go along way to get more players to want to stick around.
6.   If only staff are on the server do not heavily enforce rules and punish each other for breaking them. Try to keep it casual and only be worried if there are other players on the server that could be caught in the crossfire while you are messing around.
7.  [Punishment Flowchart] (minor) SLAY+WARN - > JAIL+WARN 120/180/300 (major) - > KICK - > BAN
8.   More rules will be added, make sure to check the steam group chat.

How to cook meth as the Meth Cook ('Garry's Mod - Dark RP Meth Tutorial' on Youtube)

How to Mine